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    Thirteen Year Old Pitching Phenomenon Mo’ne Davis Makes The Baseball Hall Of Fame

    Look out world! That sound you hear is Mo’ne Davis’ 70mph fastball shattering the glass ceiling above a lot of little girls’ baseball caps. 

    Mo’ne Davis, the thirteen-year-old girl whose stellar pitching performance in last month’s Little League World Series earned her the cover of Sports Illustrated, is about to be immortalized in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Mo’ne will visit the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, tomorrow, with her teammates from both the Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons, and her longtime travel team, the Anderson Monarchs. Seventy-nine-year-old Mamie “Peanut” Johnson, one of three women to play in the Negro Leagues, and who Mo’ne lists as her “favorite old-school player” on the Monarch’s website, also plans to attend. 

    Mo’ne will present Hall of Fame officials with the Taney Dragons jersey that she wore when she became the first girl to pitch a complete game shutout in the Little League World Series.  After the presentation, Mo’ne and her teammates will play an exhibition game at Doubleday Field in nearby Stamford.

    Thanks to Mo’ne, “You throw like a girl” is no longer an insult. 


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    Everyone please reblog this. I want all of tumblr to see this.


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    Guilherme Leão he is from the brazilian subway security from the city of São Paulo and is also a model (1/2)

    remember when i said i dont like brazilian guys

    i change my mind 

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    How do you go from the first 4, to the last 2?
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    following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf

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    haha its a little arrow! hey there little guy!

    where are you going, silly? down isn’t the way to live! you have to have a positive outlook! always look up!


    yeah!! that’s more like it. keep heading towards the sky, little buddy. i believe in you

    ya’ll are wierd as hell

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    i’ve disappointed my entire family but at least i didn’t drop the first iphone 6

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